3 Secrets to Affording the Wedding of Your Dreams

Photography by: Mango Studio

Photography by: Mango Studio

There are two different brides, the one who has dreamed of every detail of her wedding since she was a little girl. And there are the other girls who never saw themselves as a bride and has no idea what she needs or even wants for her wedding day.

There is one thing both of these brides have in common: They need to budget for their wedding. No matter if they know every detail or not, they need to know how much they can afford to fully achieve the wedding they envisioned, or someone else will envision for them.

So I’ll share with you 3 secrets to affording the wedding of your dreams.

  1. Establish Your Budget

Wondering how much a typical wedding costs? It all depends on what you need for your special day. A full service wedding is where your floral and event design company designs your flowers, delivers your personal flowers to you and sets up your wedding flower arrangements and decor at your venue. This service could cost $3000 or more for a typical guest count of 150 people.

Now that you have a general idea of how much your wedding might cost, you need to start saving! There are some who already have savings or family members that are able to help contribute. But some may have to pay for their wedding all on their own. One of the challenges is balancing paying for a wedding and still covering the every day cost of living.

This app Koind is a lifestyle budget app that I would suggest all newly engage couples download. It helps you to spend responsibly on your every day purchases, build your savings for your new life together, and pay down debt.

It automatically sets up a budget for you so you can achieve all of your budget and saving goals, its a great start to figuring out how you can pay for the wedding of your dreams and plan for your future as a married couple.

2. Figure Out What’s Important

One of the challenges of planning your wedding flowers and decor is figuring out what you actually need. We’ve created this free resource for you to use while you decide what flower arrangements and decor you might need for your wedding.

The Wedding Flower + Decor Checklist

Not all weddings require the same type of arrangements or decor, don’t feel like you have to have a seating chart just because you’ve seen everyone else have one at their wedding. Talk with your wedding designer and get their expertise to figure out how you can create pieces for your wedding that will have a real impact.

3. Be Flexible with Your Vision

I know it’s so easy to get lost in the world of Pinterest and it is a great resource to find inspiration. But it does have limitations, sometimes you have to be flexible with your vision to make it suit your venue and your budget. What we love to do at BLUUMBLVD when we design a wedding is to take one aspect of that Pinterest image that you love and flush it out into different aspects of the wedding. So although, you may want an exact replica of a Pinterest image, I use it as inspiration and create something unique for you.

Tell us what other challenges you have with planning your wedding? We want to know!