Stephanie is the owner and head designer of BLUUMBLVD.  She surprisingly started out in the healthcare industry and that career taught her how to pay attention to detail, but most importantly cater to the needs of others. Even though healthcare was one aspect of her life, she still loved being creative. She took on an internship with a senior event décor company and was able to mix her love of people and "bluuming" passion for creativity into this beautiful company. 


Bold + Elegance = Bluum + Blvd

 When designing for clients or for her own sheer enjoyment, inspiration is drawn from anything - a pattern on a dress, a store display, a magazine, or even nature itself. Each event perfectly reflects the dreams and wishes of her clients.

Come visit BLUUMBLVD's home studio and you will be provided with endless ideas and impeccable service for your dream event. Don't worry, there is no event too small.

Hope to see you soon!