Toronto Wedding Vendor Interview with Rhythm Photography

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anita from Rhythm Photography and I just couldn’t keep her all to myself! Anita is a talented wedding photographer based in Toronto but her portfolio is also filled with gorgeous pictures of destination weddings in Greece, Bali and more! She spent some time with me to share her story of how she got into photography and even shares some wedding tips for engaged couples looking to find the right photographer for their wedding day.

Tell me about yourself and how you got started in the wedding industry, what do you love most about wedding photography?

I got started in wedding photography a little over 5 years ago. I’ve always loved photography and stopped for a while during University. True story - the funny reason that got me back into photography was because a friend of mine made fun of my old looking camera which lite a spark in me to get a new and nicer DSLR! And once I started shooting again, I just couldn’t stop! I’m very grateful to my friend for making fun of my camera now! I entered the wedding industry by photographing a few of my friends’ engagement sessions for fun! I even shot part of my friend’s wedding (first wedding ever) and it ended up being featured on Wedluxe! I love wedding photography because I get to attend a party every weekend and I’m constantly surrounded by the happiest people. I get to express myself artistically and create works of art that others will love and share with their future generations.

What are your favourite moments in a wedding you love to photograph and why?

I love photographing first dances. I love it when my couples get all emotional during their dances! Tears makes for great photos! Sparkler exits are my fave as well! Or better yet, first dances surrounded by sparklers!!! OOOOOO so romantic!

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is bright, airy and clean. I love photographing emotions and always try to incorporate the environment into the photos.

Most couples are uncomfortable in front of a camera, how do you put them at ease?

The relationship between the photographer and couple is very important. I love to chat with my couples to get to know them better and vice versa, this helps them relax in front of the camera too! Action shots help with relaxing the couples too. I give my couples an action to do and take the shots in between and the images come out more naturally and authentically.

Is there anything a couple should already know before booking a wedding photographer and how soon should they book your services?

I highly recommend couples to do some research online (e.g. Google, Instagram, etc) and explore photographers that align with their vision and budget.  Most of our couples book us around 1.5 years in advanced.

How does a couple go about choosing the right wedding photographer for their special day?

That’s a great question! I always tell my couples to pick a photographer in which shares a similar style as their vision, and the most important tip of all is to pick a photographer that they get along with and love hanging out with. The chemistry between the couple and photographer is very important and if the couple is comfortable in front of the photographer, the photos will in turn appear more naturally too.

Any wedding tips you'd like to share with engaged couples?

Don’t get stressed out with wedding planning. Enjoy the process! The wedding vendors are here to help you so that you can fully enjoy the wedding day stress free with the love of your life and your closest family and friends.

Any new projects you have coming up that we should know about!?

Yes! I’m planning on offering photography education for aspiring photographers, vendors and seasoned photographers! I can’t wait to get started!