Hire a Professional Bridesmaid

Hire a Professional Bridesmaid

Do your friends live too far away to participate in your wedding? Would you hire a Professional Bridesmaid? Jen Glantz posted an ad to serve as your bridesmaid-for-hire. Really she's more like a personal assistant for your special day. Check out this video and let me know what you think?



3 Floral Tips for Your Wedding

3 Floral Tips for Your Wedding

1. Bring Samples

The best way to ensure your vision is clear to your florists or stylists is to bring in samples. Bring in magazine clippings or show websites that shows off the styles that you love. Bring along colour swatches is another great way to describe your wedding ideas.

2. The Greens

Some brides shy away from greenery for their wedding, but there's so many trendy ways to incorporate greenery to your arrangements, it adds texture and interest. Plus adding some foliage can off set the cost of your flowers because not as much bluums have to be used.

3. Add Something Personal

Add something personal to your bouquets and make it that much more special. Some brides have included a locket containing a picture of a loved one or even a piece of fabric from their mother's wedding dress.

I didn't leave in a hanging, here's a link to an Etsy shop Weddingbouquetcharms , that provide these lockets!






The History

The History



I originally came from the world of healthcare and while caring for people's health needs was fulfilling, it just wasn’t enough for me, I needed more!  There had to be a way for me to feed my creative side and provide people with a service. By friends and family, I've been known to be "alittle" over the top, so how could I combine all of these aspects of myself into a career I would be happy with? How could I be creative, be over the top (guilt free), and most importantly still have a positive effect on people's lives?...  Designing!  I crave the opportunity to design flowers and create spaces that people are inspired by, dream about and escape to.

As some of you may know we were originally called Eventual Reality Events. Mouthful right? Well, being new to the business world, I realized that I needed to make some changes. I wanted this precious company to be a fun experience for clients and I needed our brand to reflect that. So with that came the change of the company name and as soon as that happened, a plethora of fresh and exciting ideas and opportunities came our way.

You ever watch Say Yes to the Dress and the room is filled with unsupportive family? The bride puts on that beautiful gown which everyone watching the show knows she MUST pick but she doesn’t?! There's so much noise around that bride, she doesn’t listen to that little voice, her voice. Well, think of us as the décor version of Randy Fenoli. BLUUMBLVD is about being a part of all the big moments in people's lives. Helping them make the right choices for an unforgettable event and ensuring it perfectly reflects their dreams and wishes.

There are a lot of new things that will be happening with BLUUMBLVD, make sure you stick around. You don't want to miss it!

We are known as BLUUMBLVD now but it’s our passion for people that will continue to define who we really are.

2015 Wedding Trends

2015 Wedding Trends

Food Trucks

Forget the porcheta or seafood buffet! Get that food truck as your midnight snack! An ice cream truck, taco or in and out burger food truck is such a fun alternative for your guest. Check out Book A Truck to get a quote for Food Trucks in the Toronto area.



It's the new Pantone colour of 2015. This deep red creates such rich and luxurious feel to any décor, match it with golds or teals  and you have a perfect match. Can't wait to play around with this colour this year.


Absolutely love this accessory for 2015, it adds such a nice vintage feel to this bridal gown. And its perfect for brides who need to cover up for religious ceremonies.