There are days on the calendar and then there is “the day”:  your wedding. Those 24 hours are unlike any other.  It is the day when love reigns supreme.  There are a million things happening on this day, so let Stephanie look after just one: the look and feel of your décor.  Ok, that's two. 

Our approach is not so conventional and that is a good thing. Are you familiar with the expression: “Made with love”?  Like grandma’s cooking...“made with love”.   Common methods, common ingredients, but something about it is just different. Why? That touch of heart and soul makes it exceptional.  In a similar way, at BLUUMBLVD we take what we do very seriously. We have creativity, passion and emotion. We love Love . This is the special ingredient we infuse into conceptualizing not only how your day will look, but how it will make you feel. When we create that one-of-a-kind special something for you that will enhance your special day, we hope you feel it because we do.  Rather than list all of the things we do and take up more of your precious time we would rather meet, talk and connect.  After all, this is your special day.