1. Bring Samples

The best way to ensure your vision is clear to your florists or stylists is to bring in samples. Bring in magazine clippings or show websites that shows off the styles that you love. Bring along colour swatches is another great way to describe your wedding ideas.

2. The Greens

Some brides shy away from greenery for their wedding, but there's so many trendy ways to incorporate greenery to your arrangements, it adds texture and interest. Plus adding some foliage can off set the cost of your flowers because not as much bluums have to be used.

3. Add Something Personal

Add something personal to your bouquets and make it that much more special. Some brides have included a locket containing a picture of a loved one or even a piece of fabric from their mother's wedding dress.

I didn't leave in a hanging, here's a link to an Etsy shop Weddingbouquetcharms , that provide these lockets!